As mama (and/or fur mama), you don't have time

... to sort through all of the do's and don't of getting & staying fit!

You barely have time to go the bathroom by yourself - much less, tease out all of the noise
when it comes to ending your struggle with weight and feeling amazing in your body.

Finally - accountability, motivation...

and a foolproof system that's easy and works!

I've got you.

I, too, was once cardio happy, hungry, and fitness confused.

I used to think only hardcore fit women or bikini competitors could be ultra fit.

That was before I figured out how to eat foods I love without guilt and how to work out less while getting more results.

Ultimately, I learned how to balance motherhood, run a business and stay fit with ease and grace.

I fell in love with my body after years of belittling and criticizing it.
You deserve to feel amazing in your own skin too!

Join me and other fun & motivating, like-minded mamas - together we trade diet and fitness confusion for permanent fat loss and tone.

"Working with Dr. Erika Austin was and continues to be a very positive and enjoyable experience. I say ‘continues to be’ because she has remained available to me whenever I need advice. She provided me with life-long tools that I can use now and forever, for myself, and my family. What she has shown and taught me is priceless and I will be forever grateful. Taking care of ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally, is the best gift we can give ourselves."

Business Owner

"I am in my 60’s and always had problems maintaining my weight. Erika’s approach was easy to follow, personalized and with great results. I’ve lost more than 20 lbs and kept it off for the last 8 months! Thank you!"

Executive Assistant

"I’ve become healthier, stronger and more balanced. I am so grateful for this community that has made health a LIFESTYLE. A lifestyle centered on nourishing ourselves with whole foods, positive thoughts, effective exercises, finding and doing what we love and giving back to Save the Children. Together we have shed unwanted pounds, made ourselves a priority and created the body and life we want. So proud and so grateful!"

Self Employed



Ready to shed the last 10 + tone up without dieting?

  • Go from frumpy to toned + strong so you can feel empowered and confident 
  • Ditch the diet & fitness confusion for good so you never have to yo-yo again 
  • Eat foods you love and lose belly + thigh fat with my secret formula
  • Workout less and get results so you can feel energized & tone up fast 
  • Minimal meal prep time so you have more time doing what you love and still get results
  • Balance your hormones so you have less irritability, mood swings, and shed fat with ease 
  • 8 weeks to bikini/confident you (progress every week) :)


BONUS: As an expert speaker for GO HEALTHY LAB, you will get my FREE gift to you for signing up for Me First: Strong Mama:  I will gift you at least 1 month free (once you select payment plan) to GO HEALTHY LAB. Go Healthy Lab is considered the Netflix of health & wellness. You can hop on to stream 100+ of unique educational, inspiration and life-changing original videos on health and wellness. I will point you to my favorites.  


Who the heck am I & why do I care about your health?

I'm Erika Austin, Ph.D. - former professor/high school principal turned health/wellness and life coach. I'm based out of San Diego where I live with my fitness enthusiast husband, talented 12 year old, energetic 4 year old, loving cat, gecko and fish. 

My gift is teaching women how showing up as their healthiest, most vibrant self and up level every area of their life. Together, we ditch diet and fitness confusion and get toned and strong with ease.

I'm a Colombian born educator, entrepreneur and philanthropist, my happiest days are interwoven between family and sharing my gifts with clients. My best days start with celery juice and meditation and also include matcha tea at some point.

Join other busy mamas as we go from f(g)rumpy to zen, toned & strong.

"Dr. Erika is so compassionate and quick to find solutions. I always felt more grounded and hopeful after working with her. Really a joy to work with. I must say my life has done a 180 since we started working together!!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Me First, the group program is in session. However, 1:1 coaching is availble. 

To find out more email me at 


Together, we embark on an 8 -week journey to stronger and healthier you! Every week I personally coach you on how to create a leaner more toned you. We work on body, mind and soul. My #1 goal is that you get the results you desire. 

Tentative Schedule: 

Week 1: Marco Analysis + Lift Your Thoughts 

Week 2: Flexible Eating | Macro Plan - your new non-diet approach to eating  

Week 3: Intermittent Fasting + Workouts that actually get you results with minimal time

Week 4: Getting in touch with your inner strength 

Week 5: Feed you mind, change your life 

Week 6: LIFT - Putting it all together and balancing your hormones so you achieve permanent fat loss 

Week 7: Diving deeper into macros and balancing hormones part II 

Week 8: Where to go from here - Healthiest You in 2019 

If after 14 days of working together, you are not loving my program or seeing some results, I do provide a full refund. 

You deserve to feel confident and balanced.

I want to be my healthiest, most toned self. 



I'd love to learn more

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